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The current reality that has been formed under the labour and social inequalities in the European Union, and with a particular emphasis in Greece due to the poor operation of the State and social/political callousness, led plain citizens to undertaking initiatives in favor of their children, family, and homeland.

The system of principles of our country is not child-oriented, and nobody cares for the future of the young and divorced individuals with €600 and €300 monthly income, respectively.

The gloomy reality is illustrated in the consequences of the unsettled State, the callousness and the impunity. Young people do not share a vision for their future, and citizens remain unprotected whatsoever.

The sexist parental discriminations, both in family and in labour issues, between men/women cause their rights to be not only disrespected, but not even recognized.

In Greece , the lack of maturity and culture, for which the State is solely responsible as it neglected to educate or protect its people, have negative consequences to the children.

The current perception, supported on obsolete social stereotypes, according which the parental role is not recognized as the basic element of personality, sentimental maturation and completion of the human beings but rather as a secondary feature, clearly violates the human rights of divorced parents and classifies the latter as second-class citizens.

The roles of parents have been evolved, and both the father and the mother deal with home and family matters equally now.

In the name of Equality, inequalities were introduced that harm mostly children and young people. Today, basic rights of children and parents are violated, and the parental roles are impeded.

All affected parties experience a sentimental rape, an economic decline, a professional instability. The economic crisis strikes both citizens and professionals. The interests of the few brought destruction of the majority. No one is interested for nothing. The family is not the cradle of society any more. The psycho-sentimental needs of children require the daily presence of both parents, and this right of children is violated despite the international treaties, particularly for the one million children with divorced parents.

The lack of social services in the juridicial regulation of the family/divorce issues where, in an utterly unscientific manner that disgraces the modern Greek State, the children and their stability and development are totally irrelevant to the competent - but so irresponsible - institutions in a scandalous manner, with side effects that harm the society in fundamental - for its survival and development - sectors. Thus, a social pathology was created, the results of which are already apparent.

As active citizens, we dream a human-oriented society, having realised our role in it and being driven by the aforementioned status. Due to our sensitivity as parents, we decided to found this movement to support the Greek family, children, parents, and the future of Greek society in that respect.

The bursting rate of divorces, the scary rate of infringing minors that come from single-parent families, drugs, and the psychological and other issues of one million children with divorced parents, led to a totally problematic structure of our society. The introduction of modern morals and values created a social/family problem.

We believe that both parents have rights and obligations for their children, and the exclusion of one parent causes enormous questions of social, psychosomatic, economic, and cultural inequalities, violating children's rights. It is beyond any doubt that children have the right to a continuous contact with both parents.

There are no native characteristics that differentiate parents, with regard to performance of their role. Courts cannot resolve such issues due to lack of structures, training and functions, and perform brief proceedings to reach uncritical decisions, which are practically inapplicable and essentially introduce “legal unfairness” and victimize children and their fathers. We believe that children do not “belong” to anyone. Parental custody and care should be institutionally and legally guaranteed equally for both parents. The communication with any of the parents should not be legally deprived, and the post-divorce place of residence of the children should be free or alternate between parents, where feasible.

Justice operates short not only in material/technical infrastructure, but also in judges trained on social and family issues.

Both parents must be freed from all tax unfairness, and have equal rights and obligations.

The economic, social, and professional destruction of parents must be avoided, as it extends over the children, the new generations and the future of Greece .

We call all women, and scientists as well, to support this institution/movement in order to ensure the cultural integrity and the prestige of Greece on family/children issues.

By ensuring justice and equal treatment, we believe that the necessity for the elevation of new individuals who will accept the principles of respect for life, cooperation, tolerance, and democratic regulation of human differences, will finally be acknowledged.

The citizens share no respect for politics and politicians, and declare that they alone will change the system via European institutional bodies.

The Canadian, American, Australian and Western European movements have provided solutions and answers many decades ago.

The civilized European states of the Spanish, Belgian, French, British, Dutch, Cypriot, Maltese etc. people organize, together with us, the European Social Party that will ask for your vote in the upcoming European elections.

For a fair society, free of dogmatisms.

For our rights in Education, Culture, Health, and Justice.

For a new economic boost of Greece , and support of poor citizens via the European Union.

In order to give hope to the young people, and divorced men and women.

SYGAPA supports the candidature of Mrs. Fani Tsirvoula, former judge. See more publications below:





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